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The Inner Elite Athlete

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

December 4, 2021

the elite version of YOURSELF

Everyone has an inner elite athlete living inside them… we were ALL born as the elite versions of ourselves. Over time, however, through life experiences we somehow learn to be guarded, afraid, doubtful and distracted. And we unconsciously train our minds to limit us from what we can be and do. One of the things I love THE MOST about being an athlete is that feeling of being connected to myself in a way that’s empowering, meaningful, fun and liberating. For me, sports has always had a way of opening the door to that exciting place where I once effortlessly spent all of my time as a child. That safe and ridiculously fun place... of just being myself. Tapping into my inner elite athlete allows me to feel my best and be my best at whatever I'm doing. When was the last time you tapped into YOUR inner elite athlete? In that experience, how were you propelled forward?


To excel at your personal highest level, it’s critical that you train and take care of your body with proper sleep, nutrition and hydration, strength and conditioning, skill development and recovery training. But placing your focus solely on the body is limiting. Elite athletes know that in order to gain a competitive edge and consistently perform at their highest level, they must invest in mental training and preparation just as much as their physical training. Mental training is the amplifier... it's what elevates the average to good and the good to great. When you’re really feeling confident about yourself, are fully immersed in each moment, trusting your ability to BE YOU and DO YOU, despite the circumstances - that’s when you’re tapped into your most true self, your inner elite athlete.


Your inner elite athlete embodies authentic power. This is when your personality and your actions work in alignment with the energy of your true self. As an athlete, cultivating and owning your authentic power enables you to identify with who you are, connect with your true potential and consistently perform at your best - on the playing field, in the classroom, in your relationships, at work and wherever else you need to fully show up in life. It's the highest expression of the greatness you were born with. That’s the experience of being the elite version of yourself. Honing the skills of self-awareness, mindset, focus, emotion regulation, self-confidence, mindfulness and resilience are a few of the ways you can get there. But tapping into this experience is a CHOICE. And choosing to live and perform as your inner elite athlete requires you to TRAIN as your inner elite athlete. This type of high-performance preparation begins with the MIND. If you’re curious about how to get started... Let's connect!

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