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RISE Mindful Performance exists to energize, elevate and empower athletes to train, perform and live as the elite versions of themselves.




Originally RISE Girls' Basketball, Bianca Campbell (formerly Bianca Brown) founded her skill development company in 2011 with the desire to help basketball athletes develop strong character while enhancing their physical skills to become leaders on their teams, improve their connection with coaches/teammates and execute with more confidence on the court.  But a few years into her work, she realized something critical - the untrained mindset of her athletes kept getting in the way.  So, in 2016 she began integrating mindfulness and meditation training into her camps and clinics and in 2020 she evolved RISE Girls' Basketball into RISE Mindful Performance so she could expand her impact to help ALL athletes train their mental game with power and purpose so they can optimize their performance and actualize their potential.  


Bianca is a former collegiate and professional basketball player, basketball skill development coach and certified mental performance coach who is passionate about empowering athletes to train, perform and live as the elite versions of themselves.  Throughout her career as a multi-sport athlete, she developed a wealth of experience navigating the stresses, challenges and demands of competing at an elite level.  While in high school, she ran Varsity track, played 1st Singles for the girls' Varsity tennis team and was a starter on the girls' Varsity basketball team.  She graduated with high honors academically, was named All-State (basketball) and received a full scholarship to play D1 basketball at Wake Forest University.  At Wake, she was a 3-year starter and team captain for 2 years before playing professionally overseas in Germany and Nigeria.   All of these experiences gave Bianca first-hand access to training, achieving AND failing at a high level.  Which, at times, resulted in the frustrating and painful battle between mind, body, and desired performance.  The wisdom she gained from her personal struggles is what fuels her as a coach and mentor to use mindfulness and mental skills training to help athletes embrace and navigate the demands of their sport, so they can enhance their well-being, have more fun and perform at their highest level in sports and life.  


Sports is said to be 90% mental, yet the majority of competitive athletes fall short in reaching their potential because they prioritize physical training and neglect training THE MIND.  By implementing mental skills training into the athlete development process, Bianca seeks excellence in empowering her athletes to gain a competitive edge by using mindfulness and mental skills training to successfully embrace and navigate the demands of sports and life.  She also offers support and guidance to parents so they can finally enjoy seeing their child step into their greatness, which can only be revealed when athletes learn how to get into "the zone" and out of their own way.   If you're done with fear holding you back and keeping you stuck, CLICK HERE so we can get to work!



B.S. in Health and Exercise Science (Wake Forest University)

M.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness: Fitness and Performance (Liberty University)

Mindfulness Foundations (Mindful Schools)

Zero To Dangerous Flow State Training (Steven Kotler/Flow Research Collective)

The Zone Formula Training (Laura M. Wilde)


Mental Performance Mastery Certified Mindset Coach (Brian Cain)

Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach & Visualization Specialist (Lindsey Wilson)


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